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Campus Composting Initiative


Mistie Dhillon, Abhedika Arora, Nefertiti Tchuengoua Ngabou


Our composting project aims to revolutionize waste management on university campuses by implementing sustainable solutions to address food waste. Through the installation of composting infrastructure like bins and machines, we provide an accessible way for students, staff, and faculty to dispose of organic waste responsibly. By diverting compostable materials from landfills, we not only reduce environmental impact but also produce nutrient-rich compost, which enriches soil in campus gardens and landscaping projects.

But our project is more than just waste management—it's about fostering a culture of sustainability. Through educational workshops and outreach programs, we empower the campus community with the knowledge and skills needed to reduce food waste and embrace composting as a sustainable practice. Together, we're not only minimizing our environmental footprint but also creating a greener and more resilient campus environment for future generations.

Pdf project description presentation

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