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GenAI Start-up Hackathon

AI, GenAI, ChatGPT, Startups and Innovative solutions



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VTF is a Lazy GenAI Hackathon?


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About the Hackathon

An GenAI Start-up Hackathon is a flagship event co-hosted by LazyHack hackathon community (a part of Lazy programmer community see in which talented teams of developers, designers, product managers, entrepreneurs, innovators & students meet to join challenges designed by top AI thought-leaders who are AI executives from TECH corporates and top experts in the industry. 


The hackathon mission is to empower AI talents & innovators by challenging them to solve the toughest real life’s problems and motivate them to turn their ideas into complete products and commercialise them.


This time the GenAI Start-up Hackathon will be held in online mode to deliver access to participate more our community members. 





Software & Services

Machine Leaning/AI

hackathon organiser LP
hackathon organiser LazyHack

Generative AI


Why should you participate in this Hackathon?

🧡   Beginner friendly

📢   Innovative challenges in AI industry

🏆   Great prizes from our partners

🌏   Compete on site and with the rest world

📒   Free access to all learning materials from top brands


💼   Get hired by our partner corporations

📃   All teams of submitted projects will get a special certificate signed by our corporate partners

🤝🏻   Networking with same minded people, mentors and judges


  • 🧩 Excel-erate Your Code
    The task is simple yet unconventional: build a scalable mobile or web application using Excel as your primary database. Yes, you read that correctly – Excel, the spreadsheet giant, is your database powerhouse this time! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the following: Innovative Integration: Seamlessly integrate Excel to function as a database for your app. How you read, write, and manipulate data in Excel will be key. Scalability is Key: Ensure your app can handle growth. Excel isn't known for being a traditional database, so you'll need to be creative in managing data efficiently. Feature Rich: Despite the unconventional back-end, your app should not skimp on features. User authentication, data processing, and a sleek UI are all must-haves. Performance Metrics: Excel as a database might sound slow, but your challenge is to prove otherwise. Optimize for speed and efficiency. Creative Use Cases: Whether it's a task manager, a budget tracker, or something completely out of the box, your app should showcase the versatility of Excel in a modern tech environment. Documentation and Tutorial: Given the unique nature of this challenge, a well-documented process and a tutorial on how you achieved this feat are essential. Community Engagement: Share your progress, hurdles, and successes in the Lazy Programmer community. Let's learn, laugh, and innovate together! This challenge is designed to test your skills, creativity, and perhaps your sense of humor. Are you ready to Excel-erate your coding journey in the most unconventional way? Let the challenge begin!
  • 🩷 Code & Connect: The Programmer's Love Byte
    This unique challenge is aimed at creating a dating app specifically tailored for programmers and the wider tech community. Your goal is to build an innovative, engaging, and technically sophisticated dating app that resonates with tech-savvy individuals. This isn't just about finding a match; it's about connecting minds! Here's what the challenge entails: Niche Features for Tech Lovers: Design features that appeal specifically to programmers and tech enthusiasts. Think code compatibility tests, algorithm-based matchmaking, or programming language-based filters. Tech Community Integration: Seamlessly integrate features that allow users to connect over tech meetups, hackathons, or collaborative coding projects. It's not just about romance; it's about building a tech community network. Inclusive and Diverse: Ensure your app is inclusive, catering to a diverse range of genders, orientations, and tech interests. Representation matters! AI-Powered Matchmaking: Utilize AI to create a smart matchmaking system. This could involve analyzing coding styles, tech interests, or even GitHub repositories to find the perfect match. Gamification of Dating: Introduce elements of gamification to keep the experience fun and engaging. Coding challenges, tech trivia, or 'hack your match' puzzles could be interesting features. Privacy and Security: Given the tech-savvy user base, robust privacy and security measures are non-negotiable. Show off your skills in encryption, secure data handling, and user verification. Scalability and Performance: The app should be scalable and perform efficiently under varying loads. Show your expertise in handling large user bases and data volumes. Community Feedback Loop: Incorporate a system for users to give feedback on the app. This could be used for bug reporting, feature requests, or general improvements. Documentation and Sharing: Provide comprehensive documentation and tutorials on the development process. Share your journey and insights with the wider tech community. Beyond the Tech Bubble: While the primary audience is programmers and tech enthusiasts, consider features that make the app accessible and appealing to those outside the immediate tech circle.
  • 🧘🏻 FitByte: The Lazy Fitness App Challenge
    Welcome to the "FitByte: The Lazy Fitness App Challenge," where we combine fitness with coding in the most laid-back way possible. This challenge is about creating a fitness app specifically designed for the unique lifestyle of programmers and tech enthusiasts who spend long hours at their desks. The app should gamify fitness, making it fun, accessible, and something that can be integrated into a typical day of coding. Here’s your mission: Deskercise Integration: Develop a feature that suggests short, simple exercises (deskercises) that can be done right at the desk. These could include stretches, strength exercises, or even mini-yoga sessions. The app should remind users to take short breaks for these exercises, ideally in a way that's entertaining and not intrusive. Code-Step Sync: Create a unique step counter feature that syncs with the amount of code written. For instance, every 100 lines of code could equate to a certain number of steps, encouraging programmers to 'walk' a certain distance each day. This feature gamifies the process of coding and exercise, motivating users to write more code to meet their fitness goals. Customizable Fitness Challenges: Allow users to set up personalized fitness challenges. These could range from daily stretch goals to weekly exercise targets. Users can compete with themselves or with others in the tech community, turning fitness into a fun and engaging activity. Posture Monitoring: Utilizing the webcam or a smartphone camera, the app can monitor the user’s posture and provide real-time feedback or alerts to correct it. This helps in preventing the common issue of bad posture resulting from prolonged sitting. Relaxation and Focus Enhancers: Integrate features that help in relaxation and mental focus, such as short guided meditation sessions or concentration-boosting soundscapes. These can be particularly useful during intense coding sessions or to unwind after a long day. Community Leaderboards: Incorporate a social element with community leaderboards. Users can share their progress, compete with friends or colleagues, and earn badges or rewards for meeting fitness milestones. Health Tips and Tricks: Offer daily health tips tailored for the programmer lifestyle, covering topics like eye health, ergonomic practices, and healthy snacking. Integration with Coding Platforms: Seamlessly integrate the app with popular coding platforms or IDEs. This way, fitness becomes a natural part of the programming environment. Customizable Alerts and Reminders: Users should be able to customize when and how they receive reminders to exercise, take a break, or correct their posture. Analytics and Progress Tracking: Provide users with detailed analytics on their fitness progress, including exercise frequency, types of exercises performed, posture improvements, and overall health trends. The "FitByte" challenge is designed to make fitness a fun, engaging, and integral part of the programmer’s day. It’s not just about staying fit; it’s about creating a healthier and more enjoyable coding experience!
  • 🥱 Commitment to Maximum Laziness: The Ultimate Lazy Programmer Challenge
    The Ultimate Lazy Programmer Challenge, where embracing your inner sloth is not just encouraged; it's required! In this challenge, we're seeking the most ingenious, yet laughably lazy solutions to everyday programming tasks. This is about celebrating the essence of programmers who find the most efficient shortcuts to get the job done with minimal effort. Your missions, should you choose to accept (with the least amount of effort possible), are: The One-Button Deploy: Create a deployment tool that requires no more than a single button click. It should handle everything - from code commits to server deployment. Bonus points for integrating a system that predicts when you’ll want to deploy next! AI Code Commenter: Develop an AI that not only understands your code but also automatically writes meaningful comments for it. The AI should capture the functionality, purpose, and any quirks in the code, so you never have to comment manually again. The Lazy Tester: Build a testing framework that can automatically generate and run tests based on your code. It should be able to detect potential edge cases and even fix minor bugs on its own, because why bother testing when a machine can do it for you? The Ultimate IDE for the Lazy: Design an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tailored for the laziest programmers. Think voice-to-code features, automatic code optimization, and maybe even a feature that writes code based on a description of the functionality. Self-Organizing Codebase: Challenge participants to create a system that automatically organizes and refactors your codebase. It should tidy up your code, ensuring optimal structure and readability without you lifting a finger. Automated Client Communications: Develop a tool that handles all client communications. From auto-generating project updates to responding to client emails with updates on the project, let the AI handle the nuances of client management. The Snack Code Link: This tool should monitor your coding activity and automatically order snacks from your favorite service when it detects you're entering a coding flow state - because what’s programming without snacks? The essence of this hackathon is to blend humor, creativity, and a bit of laziness to push the boundaries of what we can automate in the world of programming. It's about working smarter, not harder, and having a good laugh along the way!
  • 🦥 The Lazy Programmer's Job Quest: Unleashing Your Inner Sloth in Recruitment!
    Welcome to "The Lazy Programmer's Job Quest," the ultimate challenge that not only embraces but celebrates your inner sloth! This challenge is about finding the most hilariously efficient shortcuts to revolutionize the job hunting process for tech professionals. We're looking for solutions that blend humor, laziness, and innovation to streamline the recruitment experience. Your missions, should you choose to accept (with the minimal amount of effort required), are: Lazy Login: Invent a login system that eradicates the need for remembering passwords. Think facial recognition, voice commands, or a magic tap – the less effort, the better. Automated Resume Builder: Create a tool that pulls data directly from GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc., to craft the perfect resume. The goal? To showcase your skills without typing a single word. Match-Making Algorithm: Design an algorithm that connects programmers to jobs not just based on skills, but on their unique 'laziness' factors. The lazier the approach, the more precise the job match should be. One-Click Apply: Implement a feature allowing users to apply to multiple jobs with just one lazy click. Custom auto-generated cover letters for each application? Yes, please! Interactive Chatbot: Develop a witty AI chatbot to navigate users through the platform, dispense career advice, and crack jokes to lighten up the job search. Virtual Interview Practice: Introduce a feature for users to rehearse interviews with an AI, getting feedback without the pressure of real human judgment. Lazy Challenges: Integrate challenges that reward users for accomplishing tasks in the most efficient way. Think minimal lines of code or fastest fix to a bug – celebrate the art of laziness! Automated Client Communications: Construct a system that manages all aspects of client communications, from drafting project updates to responding to emails, so you can focus on what matters: being productively lazy. The essence of "The Lazy Programmer's Job Quest" is to merge humor, creativity, and a sprinkle of sloth to redefine efficiency in tech recruitment. This challenge is for those who believe in working smarter, not harder, while enjoying a good chuckle along the way!

Are you ready to join the startup revolution? Take on the challenge of creating an MVP that uses Generative AI to solve a real-world problem! Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started in AI, now is your chance to turn your project into a reality.


You do not need to have an idea to participate. Join a team with an idea or get inspired and think of your own! 

Who is invited to participate ➡

Both - Idea owners and the ones who haven't got anything good cooking at the moment.

Both - teams and individuals

Both - developers and people who don't know anything about coding

Both - business savvy people and the ones who are just curious about what's out there.





Some inspirational source for developing your own products, projects, prototypes or services in your tech startup
  • Wind AI Assistance

  • Space Tech AI Assistance

  • Healthcare AI Diagnostics

  • Weather AI Assistance

  • AI Cyber Nursing Assistance

  • Elderly Care AI

  • AI Customer Support Chatbots

  • Smart Farming AI

  • Oceanic 360 Degree CV AI Drone System

  • Adtech AI

  • AI E-Marketplace

  • Robotic AI Disabled Assistance

  • Smart Home AI

  • PT AI Virtual Assistance

  • Clean AI CV Detection System

  • Fintech AI

  • Insurtech ML

  • AI Legal Assistant

  • Lawtech ML

  • Retail Ad System 2.0

  • Copywriting Assistance

  • E-commerce AI Chatbots

  • Gaming Industry

  • Forensics AI Assistance

  • XR AI

  • Traffic CV DS

  • Medical AI Emergency Assistance

  • SecurityOps CV DS

  • Cargo AI

  • Recycling Cloud CV

  • Retailer Analytics

  • Smart Manufacturing 4.0

  • Driving Assistance

  • Fraud AI Detection System

  • Drone Terrain CV Mapping

  • RT AI SaaS

..... and many more


if you.....

are fluent in English

have previous experience in AI or not

are digitally savvy

want to understand & explore how AI can be used in their fields

If you want to build intelligent startup in 48 hours

..... then we are looking for you! 

Not sure is hack for you?

Well... we want to believe it is. As you don't have to worry about having an idea, you don't need to worry about not having a  team. Just sign up and explore what the world 🌍 has to offer to you.

Judging Criteria

Creativity and Novelty of the solution

Does it have a unique and novel way of solving an existing problem? Or combine features of other products or services in a unique and novel way? Is it creative and puts a smile on people’s faces?


Potential Impact

Does it fill a gap in the universe, and have the potential to be used frequently by a large, growing and diverse audience or market?


MVP Accomplishment

Is the MVP elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Does MVP have reasonable features that help solving the problem? Is the MVP complete?


Visual part of MVP, Design

How is the UX/UI? Is it easy to use? If focusing on the target audience? Is the experience smooth and intuitive? Is the communication message addressed to the users’ hearts?



During the Hackathon, you'll have dedicated mentors to your team, as well as additional kick-ass mentoring and support to help you do exactly that and take a jump forward with your idea.


🔌⚡️ Register and say hi to them! 👋

Who are your mentors?






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