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Brizy no-code hackathon event: Your Pathway to Success!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Are you also the one who is always excited about making real impact with your out-of the-box ideas? Imagine having the ability to build websites, amazing interactive design experiences and all without coding. Welcome to exciting world of no-code creation, where innovation knows no boundaries.

No-code hackathon event

The concept of no-code has emerged as a surprising way to bring your ideas to life without the need for traditional programming skills. And we are here with Brizy no-code hackathon where participants are invited to collaborate, ideate and create.

Throughout this blog, we will root about no-code hackathon and provide you with the tools and knowledge that is required to make your ideas not only reshape industries but also take the centre stage and win exciting prizes.

Exploring all about no-code hackathon event:

If you are new to no-code or it's first time you are participating in no-code hackathon event, do not worry! Now is the right time to explore no-code and the no-code platform that you are going to use. Even if you are a non-technical individual you are welcome, this no-code hackathon event is not only for software developers but for everyone who empowers to use technology to build creative solutions.

Hackathon events provide a structured balance between experimentation and urgency, and they generate best practices and insights that can be leveraged for future no-code projects. They promotes learn by doing culture and for that it's very crucial to understand the theme of the hackathon event and all the tools, software you are going to use.

About Brizy no-code hackthon event

At Brizy no-code hackathon your challenge will be to create a website using Brizy website builder. Here we will attach important links which will navigate you to important resources where you can know everything about Brizy builder to get prepared for hackathon event.

No-code website builder

The more you familiarise with this platform that is Brizy builder, the more confidently you will be able to translate your ideas into reality.

Now as you have understand the platform, tools you are going to work with it's time to understand the rules of the event. Carefully, read through the details for hackathon event. Understand properly what exactly you need to build and submit by what time to ensure that you are on the right track. Grasp the every information from organizer, platform, event's theme, guidelines inside out.

You are ready to register for the hackathon event now - Register Here

Networking & Teaming

Hackathon events can be a good solo adventure but if you are open to collaborations, this is a best opportunity to team up with like minded participants all over the globe to share your ideas, brainstorm together and create something amazing together. A well built team can make your project reach new heights.

You may join networking sessions pre-hackathon event or at opening ceremony, also you may join discord channel and introduce yourself and find your perfect team member.

You may start it now itself here 👉🏻

* Note that opening ceremony of the Brizy no-code hackathon event will be final networking event and your last chance to form teams.

After formation of your teams you need to register carefully again with your teams name or even if you decided to participate individually.

From idea to action

Now when you have understood the challenge, the theme, have decided your teams and finally have set your goals, its time to brainstorm your big ideas and plan further. You can start with identifying a real-world problem you want to solve or it can be rebuilding any website or anything else.

Brizy no-code website

Once you have found your problem, understand what things need to be resolved, what actually users need from this and think about your solution accordingly. Just keep in mind your solution should not only be innovative but also practical and meaningful.

After you are ready with your user journey, here it comes the Brizy builder that acts as a canvas for your innovation. Now, it's time to use this magical no-code tool to create a user-friendly, efficient, and elegant solution/website.

Be patient

Do everything step by step and do not rush things. For eg: If you start putting UI elements before a proper planning, user flow, user journey, at some point you are going to mess up things. To make process smoother and faster, follow your plan step by step.

Keep asking questions to yourself does this fits me if i would have been a user, how would I interact with my website?

Final Stage

When your websites are ready, do not forget them to revise again and again and find mistakes and correct them till the end time.

You are not done yet! It's very important to give your audience a very clear vision of your solution. For that you need create not only websites but also nice presentations that describes everything beautifully and clearly from issues you picked up and the your thinking process to find the solution and about your final solution.

Do mention social cause or business industry your website is addressing. Also, how your solution is important to that specific industry and how it can make a real-world change.

Submit your projects on time, following all the deadlines. Give to your best if you want to stand out and win the exciting prizes this amazing hackathon event offers.

Good luck everyone, cheers!

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