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No-Code Hackathon Victory: Stories of Innovation and Success


In the dynamic world of hackathons, where innovation knows no bounds, three participants recently emerged victorious in the Brizy No-Code Hackathon. These stories reflect the spirit of creativity, perseverance, and community collaboration that defines the hackathon experience.

Story 1: Empowering the Future with Zvelpy

In the heat of summer, a serendipitous connection on Discord paved the way for a game-changing collaboration between Brizy and Lazy Hack. Our protagonist, driven by the belief that hackathons should be accessible to everyone, proposed the idea of a no-code competition.

Fast forward to October, and the stage was set. Armed with a concept called Zvelpy, a platform for personal virtual assistants, our storyteller embarked on a weekend of intense creation. Despite grappling with procrastination, they meticulously designed landing pages and crafted a compelling narrative.

The result? A victory that surpassed expectations. Zvelpy clinched the top spot, proving that even a simple website built with Brizy can make a significant impact. The triumph not only validated the idea but also provided the means to continue developing it into a tangible product. As a UI/UX designer, the winner pledges to share insights every Monday through the newsletter, fostering a community focused on improving products and simplifying the lives of UX designers.

Story 2: A Journey of Surprises with Talent IA Matcher

For a first-time hackathon participant, the Brizy No-Code Hackathon was an uncharted territory of possibilities. With 900 participants worldwide, the challenge was clear: create a startup and build a website in 48 hours. Undeterred by their novice status, our storyteller and their team poured relentless effort into crafting Talent IA Matcher.

To their immense surprise and joy, the hard work paid off as they secured the 2nd position. The accomplishment was a testament to their dedication and the opportunities provided by the hackathon. Gratitude was extended to Arturas Jurgelevicius, the organizers, and the esteemed jury for making this global event a platform for growth and success.

Story 3: From Aspiration to Impact – The Farmer's Friend Project

With a vision to assist farmers and contribute to reducing food waste, our third storyteller entered the hackathon driven by the desire to be a winner for their family. Although they secured the 4th place, the real victory was the opportunity to discuss the future of their project with the CEO. The experience left them feeling like a true winner, extending heartfelt thanks to Dimi and the Lazyhack team for orchestrating the event that connected dreams with reality.


The Brizy No-Code Hackathon not only showcased technical prowess but also underscored the power of collaboration, creativity, and community support. These three stories are a testament to the diverse and impactful projects that can emerge when passionate individuals come together in the spirit of innovation. As these winners continue their journeys, their stories inspire the next wave of hackathon enthusiasts to push boundaries and turn ideas into reality.

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