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The Simpsons

What is Greeny?

The common problem for anyone who wants to start living eco-friendly is not knowing how to start, what to do and how find motivation to keep up with this lifestyle. So that is why we came up with Greeny.

Greeny is a solution for those who want to make our world greener and save resources, and as a reward to get not only a cleaner planet, but also to get discounts and pleasant surprises every month. The main idea is to inform people about where, when and how make planet better.

Greeny saves time for people who want to volunteer. On our map you can find places to sort your waste, recycling points, events and eco-shops. Key features are map integration, community events, partner discounts, greeny challenges.

With Greeny you also can participate in events, find like-minded people, take part in challenges and collect new features for our mascot Greeny.

Greeny is an app that currently works in Vilnius and Kaunas and we will further expand to other European countries, starting from Baltic states.


Pdf project description presentation

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