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Codefest Unveiled

Welcome to TechSaloniki 2024 Code Fest - where code reigns and challenges await!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of TechSaloniki 2024 Code Fest! It's a full day dedicated to coding enthusiasts like you, where you'll tackle challenges, forge new connections, and unleash your creativity. Sharpen your coding expertise and meet like-minded individuals. Join us for a memorable experience where innovation thrives and friendships flourish in Greece's vibrant tech landscape. Save the date and don't miss out on the chance to code your way to success and win exciting prices!


Challenge Essentials

At CodeFest Thessaloniki, we empower you to take the reins of your coding journey. Here's how it works:

Choose Your Challenge: Pick from a variety of problem statements that align with your interests.

Flexibility in Language: Code in the language you're most comfortable with. Your choice, your code, your success! Languages you can choose from are: C, CPP, G, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby 

Timed Coding Challenge: Show your skills under pressure with our timed coding challenge.

Unlock Your Coding Power: Embrace TechSaloniki 2024!

Thessaloniki, Greece

Key Benefits

Networking: Connect with industry professionals

Community: Join Greece's leading tech community

Recognition: Earn prizes and praise

Personal Development: Challenge and grow


Calling All Coders!

Are you a developer seeking challenges? 
Are you a coding enthusiast eager to showcase your talent?

Are you a problem-solver ready to tackle new puzzles?

Join us for an exciting coding event tailored just for you!

Step-by-Step Guide


Arrival at the Venue:

  • Participants should arrive at the designated venue for the coding challenge.

  • Signage or event staff will direct them to the registration area.



  • Participants approach the registration desk with their name.

  • They provide their name, email address, and select a problem statement from the options provided by the event organizers.

  • Upon completing registration, participants receive an email invitation to begin the coding challenge.



  • Participants are directed to the area with computers where they can start the challenge.

  • They locate their designated workstation with a PC.


Email Invitation:

  • Participants access their email accounts using the provided computers.

  • They find the email invitation to the coding challenge and accept it.


Accessing the Coding Challenge Platform:

  • By accepting the email invitation, participants gain access to the coding challenge platform.

  • They log in using the credentials provided in the email.


Challenge Setup:

  • Upon logging in, participants see instructions and guidelines for the challenge.

  • They select their preferred programming language from the available options.

Coding Phase:


  • Participants begin implementing their solution based on the selected problem statement.

  • They have a designated amount of time to complete the challenge, and the countdown timer is displayed on their screen.

  • Participants follow the provided instructions and guidelines while developing their solution.



  • As the deadline approaches, participants ensure their solution is complete and functional.

  • They submit their code through the coding challenge platform before the countdown timer expires.

  • Once submitted, participants receive a confirmation message indicating that their solution has been received.


Feedback and Results:

  • After the coding challenge concludes, participants may receive feedback on their solutions.

  • Event organizers may announce the results or provide further instructions for the next steps.

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