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Climate Risk Financing Faciaid

Climate Risk

Khushboo Jangid, Abhishek Verma, Shruti Goyal

Climate Risk

We see that Developing Nations regularly need get to satisfactory climate back and hazard administration devices to construct strength and adjust to climate alter. With the increase in the worldwide disaters & climate change ,the global climate finance flows remain insufficient, with a significant gap between the funding needed and the resources available, especially for adaptation measures.

So, in oder to contribute to a change in the global problem, WE, with our website serve as a centralized center where people, organizations, and communities can start and take an interest in raising money campaigns particularly pointed at tending to climate alter and moderating the dangers related with characteristic catastrophes. By bringing together assorted partners onto a single stage, we encourage collaboration, straightforwardness, and effectiveness within the prepare of raising reserves for activities related to climate strength and calamity readiness. Along with this, through our user-friendly interface and progressed computerized devices, pledge drives can effectively make compelling campaigns, reach a worldwide gathering of people, and secure basic financing to bolster their activities.


What we offer?

Our platform offers a simple and effective way to raise money that is especially intended to reduce climate concerns. It has the ability to increase fundraising efforts and the impact of climate mitigation programs by utilizing digital technology and networking.


How we offer?

Funds can be raised by directing the website to download an app of online game that educates users about climate risks, mitigation strategies, and sustainable practices, Incorporate augmented reality features to simulate climate risks and showcase the impact of user choices Gamification elements (rewards, badges, leaderboards) and engaging storytelling keep users motivated. Also we can base it on subscription plans.

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