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AGSI Angels

Augustinas, Irem, Giorgi, Saulė

AGSI Angels

At Live, our business idea revolves around addressing the pervasive issue of excessive screen time and fostering a healthier, more mindful lifestyle. Recognizing the challenges people face in balancing their digital and real-world experiences, we've developed a cutting-edge solution to empower individuals to reclaim their time for meaningful moments.


Users are able to have their off-screen time collected within the app with our 'hour' based point system. We have a 3 level subscription model with also a freemium option. Within the freemium model users have the chance to collect up to 4 off-screen hours per day. With each level within our subscription model, users unlock the chance of collecting more off-screen hours per day:

- 1st level subscription - collection of up to 8 off-screen hours per day

- 2nd level subscription - collection of up to 12 off-screen hours per day

- 3rd level subcription - collection of unlimited off-screen hours per day


*Users who have subscriptions also earn monthly deals from our partners. This is used to incentivize the customers further to subscribe to one of our non-freemium plans.


The foundation of our app lies in strategic partnerships. We collaborate with local brands eager to connect with their target audiences. Through these partnerships, we unlock local rewards for users, adding tangible value to the users' efforts in reducing screen time.


In essence, our solution is more than an app—it's a transformative experience that encourages users to strike a balance between the digital and real worlds, fostering a community dedicated to cherishing life's true moments beyond screens.

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