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Students Hack Vilnius 2.0

Web/Mobile Application, Solving real-life problems

Business LAB, room L-102 Didlaukio g. 55


🌟 Explore the Future of Innovation at Students Hack Vilnius, where you'll develop mobile and web applications to tackle industry-specific real-world problems in Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹!


Every product or solution starts with a minimum viable product. During a 12-hour hackathon, you'll work on turning your idea into something tangible. You'll have the opportunity to further develop your idea, find additional teammates, and/or test a particular functionality in your existing product. In 12 hours, you will receive mentoring and support to help you take a significant step forward with your idea.

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Each student is required to submit a comprehensive pitch deck along with the URL link to their solution's landing page. This submission is a crucial part of the evaluation process and allows us to assess both the strategic vision and the practical implementation of your solution.

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Set your creativity free and create an impact with Student Hack Vilnius 2.0!

🧡   Beginner friendly

📢   Innovative challenges in tech industry

🏆   Great prizes from our partners

🌏   Compete on site

📒   Free access to all learning materials from top brands

💼   Get hired by our partner corporations

📃   All teams of submitted projects will get a special certificate signed by our corporate partners

🤝🏻   Networking with same minded people, mentors and judges

You'll find out about the challenge on the hackathon day, and you don't need to come in with an idea.

Who is invited to participate ➡


Both - developers and people who don't know anything about coding


Both - Idea owners and the ones who haven't got anything good cooking at the moment.


Both - teams and individuals


Both - business savvy people and the ones who are just curious about what's out there.

are fluent in English

Students from different educational background and educational level (bachelor, master)

are digitally savvy

want to either start their own start-up or business or are thinking of changing their career path toward digital entrepreneurship

are team players and want to go on an adventure for 12h

creators or teams up to 3-5 persons in the team

Creativity and Novelty of the solution

Does it have a unique and novel way of solving an existing problem? Or combine features of other products or services in a unique and novel way? Is it creative and puts a smile on people’s faces?


Potential Impact

Does it fill a gap in the universe, and have the potential to be used frequently by a large, growing and diverse audience or market?


Pitch deck

You & your team will need to present solution in pitch deck. Pitch deck should consist all parts required to convince investors to invest into your solution. Presentation time 3 min and 2 min Q&A from jury.


Visual part of Landing Page

Is the landing page elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Does landing page have reasonable features that help solving the problem? Is the landing page complete?


During the Hackathon, you'll have dedicated mentors to your team, as well as additional kick-ass mentoring and support to help you do exactly that and take a jump forward with your idea.

🔌⚡️ Register and say hi to them! 👋


and many more prizes

* Subscriptions: One year subscription to

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| Ensuring secure and private online experiences,

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| Simplifying password management and enhancing security and

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Safeguarding online privacy by removing personal data from various databases.




300 Euro restaurant coupon in Vilnius

All participants of hackathon will get digital certificates

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