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Norhan Gharabli Dana Barybayeva Soraya Miranda Buket Hurses


Everlasting consists of two integral parts that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Firstly, our all-in-one application allows you to personalize your entire day - from work and breaks to fitness and diet, music, sleep. But that's just the beginning. The second part is a groundbreaking hologram gadget that transforms your selected photos and voice notes into a personalized AI physical character through our coding algorithms, accompanying you throughout your day, understanding your needs, and providing companionship like never before.

What sets Everlasting apart is its comprehensive approach. With everything you need in one app, accessible anytime, anywhere, it's not just a digital experience - it's a physical sensation. Everlasting is sustainable, portable, and completely customized to your preferences. No other solution seamlessly combines the personalization of your schedule with the tangible presence of a holographic companion like Everlasting

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