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The LJC Squad

Léa Petit; Camille Durand; Jannik Rohde

The LJC Squad

Our application seamlessly combines a healthy lifestyle, sports, and mental health. It features a diverse array of recipes, each categorized by difficulty and preparation time. All recipes are not only healthy but also enjoyable. Within specific categories, there are special recipes tailored for athletes and relaxing recipes. Some recipes, like pastries, leverage neurology to induce relaxation, making them beneficial for mental health.


Our application is available in Lithuania.


When users prepare a recipe, they can capture it through the application, earning points that can be later converted into cash or vouchers. Additionally, users have the option to subscribe to a loyalty card that provides discounts at all local stores. The department and the city support us in financing these incentives for local stores, contributing to the growth of the local economy. This enables our users to access local and organic products at affordable prices, making the application a cost-effective choice compared to regular grocery shopping.

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