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Yoga Quest

ookami chan

Daiki Akiyama, Bekir Bugra Adali, Nisanur Yildiz

ookami chan

1. **Yoga Gaming:**

- Users challenge yoga quests in the game by watching videos provided within the app, mirroring their own yoga poses through the camera. Based on the accuracy and consistency of the user's yoga, individual characters grow and acquire new skills.

2. **Achievements in Yoga Gaming and Character Growth:**

- Clearing quests results in the growth of the user's unique character, unlocking new avatars and skills. This serves as an incentive for the user's progress in yoga. The character is named "Agoy."

3. **Daily Mental Health Journal:**

- The app allows users to record daily emotions and stress levels in a digital journal. This helps users understand the relationship between their yoga practice and emotions, providing support for mental health.

4. **User Community:**

- In the EquaSoul user community, users can share experiences, encourage each other, and exchange insights gained through yoga practice. Additionally, they can view each other's characters.

5. **Advanced Data Analytics and Reporting:**

- This application includes advanced data analytics tools to monitor user behaviors and progress. This data will be used to offer content and services better tailored to users' needs.

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