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"Get only, what you want." - The Big Leap

Big Leap

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Shubham Kushwaha, Souvik Mondal, Anikate Patyal

Big Leap

Imagine a location where you have complete control over what you view. For you, we have personally selected the top Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram channels. Our most notable quality? Classifications. We understand you, in contrast to other platforms. We provide everything from education to amusing memes, politics to the most recent news, since we understand that your interests are varied. To top it all off, we don't stop there. We delve further. We inquire about your interests, including your favourite subjects. Customized experiences are what we're all about, and you get them here. There will be no more irrelevant stuff, only what you enjoy, neatly organized into categories created particularly for you.

Thrilled? This functionality will soon be available.

(Currently, It's an Introductory website of a very helpful and reliable solution and we will roll out soon all those features we have talked about on that particular website only.)

Pdf project description presentation

Recorded video presentation

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