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Website development / Design / No-code tool

20-22 Oct, 2023

brizy no code hackathon event

No-Code Hackathon


🌟 Showcase how Brizy empowers you to save time and achieve more by submitting your Brizy-built websites. With top-notch judges, we're awarding 4 prizes, including cash prizes worth 5000$ and more for the most compelling Brizy use cases.

Brizy no-code hackathon
brizy hackathon event fields of interest

Create and submit a Brizy website between October 20 at 7 pm GMT+3 and October 22 at 12 am GMT+3. Alongside your published websites, you need to submit video presentation (max 3 min) and in a pdf format that describes:

The social cause or business industry your website addresses.

The importance of this cause or industry - Website structure and purpose.

How the website addresses the cause or industry's problem.

A completed survey prepared in advance for you.

Sponsored by:

Unleash your creativity and make an impact with Brizy's no-code solution!

🧡   Beginner friendly

🏆   Great prizes from Brizy

📃  All teams of submitted projects will get a special certificate signed by our corporate partners

🧑🏻‍💻 You'll have the chance to work on real projects with real-world applications which is valuable in building your portfolio.

🌏   Participate from all over the world

📒   Free access to all learning materials

🤝🏻  Networking with like-minded people, mentors, and judges

🙋🏻‍♀️ Beyond professional benefits, you can have fun, bond with teammates and engage in friendly competition.

are fluent in English

Developers, designers, website agencies, marketers, students from different study fields, start-up founders & digital entrepreneurs

are digitally savvy

want to either start their own start-up or business or are thinking of changing their career path toward digital entrepreneurship

are team players and want to go on an adventure for 48h

solo creators or teams up to 5 persons in the team

The challenge

Build any website using Brizy builder that addresses real world problem. With the help of top judges, we’re awarding 4 prizes for the strongest Brizy use cases, including cash prizes worth 5000$ and more.

What to build

Create and submit a Brizy website between October 20 at 7 pm GMT+3 and October 22 at 12 am GMT+3. Alongside your published websites, you need to submit video presentation (max 3 min) and in a pdf format that describes:


The social cause/business industry your website is addressing

- Why is this cause/industry important

- Website structure and purpose

- How is the website solving addressing the cause/industry problem

- A completed survey prepared in advance for you

What to submit

a) URL to your published Brizy-built website b) a presentation in a pdf format c) a video presentation (max 3 min), that describes the issues and the solutions. If you would like to be considered for the ""Biggest Splash"" bonus, paste any links to your public social media or community posts here.

Participant Rights

At our hackathon, we respect your creativity and innovation. When you submit presentations and ideas, you retain full ownership. We won't claim any rights to your brilliant work. Your ideas, your rights!

1) Register to
the event
2) Join our Discord server!
3) Build a team and receive all updates on Discord.
4) Rock the

* After completing your registration, a Discord link will be sent to your inbox right away.

Social Impact

How is the idea solving an actual problem?



How new or original is the idea?



How impressive is the project? How technically complex or difficult is the project?



How well-designed is the project? Does the project demonstrate creative talent?



How well is the content optimized for a good user experience?



How well does the website work technically? Is it working smooth or have bugs?


(Co-founder, COO)

Alex Luncashu


(Co-founder, Head of Design)

Bogdan Condurache


Rupali Bansal

(Co-founder, Full stack designer)

Frame 1.png

Dimi Baitanciuc

(Co-founder, CEO)


Veronica Melinti

(Marketing Manager)

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Logo_b 3.48.40 PM.png
brizy hackathon event 2nd prize

2nd - 2000$

hackathon prize free lifetime access

3rd - Free lifetime access

hackathon prize 1h video call with brizy co-founder

4th- 1h video call with Brizy co-founder

brizy hackathon event 1st prize

1st - 3000$

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