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Manvendra ,subhajeet ,aditya


Our website name is LPU CLUB HUB and its all about helping the student of lovely professional university to find the club of university easily without going here and there. By using Brizzy website builder we make a website which help them to find the clubs, head of the clubs , coordinators, and provide the whole process of filling the form.


At first we have our home page which contains images and texts where you can see a brief explanation about our website.


Second page we have our main content CLUBS it include all clubs of our university any student of our college can access this clubs easily. In every section of our club we provide No. of head of club. So student can easily contact to the head of club. For NCC and NSS we provide the whole process and also direct link of the student application form.


Third we have a gallery where you can find a lot of fantastic photos of our university. It helps student to understand the culture and happening of university.


Fourth we have contact page, if any student facing problems related to clubs or website then they can contact to the manager and ask there query.


We also provide some functionality of Sign up for a new student , map , addressn and latest news of our university.


In conclusion , our website helps new students to do the things easily. Participate in events without and hesitate and make them confident for their new path of life.


Thank you.

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