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Jensen Lim


Most government websites have lots of design problem - it is hard to use, poor ux design, messy information, too many colours, too many unnecessary components.And when it comes to online applications, the complexity of the application flow can make people crazy.


These issues collectively contribute to the perception that government website design is a 'bad' example in the market .


Today, Brizy is here to revolutionize government website design, reshaping how the market recognizes government websites!


Introducing MyGov, a Brizy template that aims to transform government website design by offering modern, consistent,minimalist, clean, smooth, and top-notch user experience design.


In the past, people used to think that more information and a crowded design were better. Nowadays, design leans towards minimalism. MyGov's design is all about being simple and easy to understand. The straightforward design that clearly defines each section. When it comes to application forms, it will have guided onboarding process, helping users navigate and submit information effortlessly.

In short, MyGov's design is all about keeping things simple, so it's easy and smooth for all users


Pdf project description presentation

Recorded video presentation

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