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Ruslan Murtuzov, Sakaria Nghivafe


MedEra aims to make health care services reachable for the people all over the world and play a role in increasing awareness of people in medical field.As is known, many countries in the world suffer from underdeveloped services and residents even are exposed to death due to wrong diagnoses and tratments. We target to prevent illiteracy in health care facts and ensure the citizens of a global world to have an access to high quality medical services with doing our social responsibility. Our platform includes two user subscription models: free and premium tiers. When it comes to the variety of features that we offer to our basic subcribers are being able to subscribe weekly newspapers, chat AI doctor available in our platform to assess their illnesses based on symptoms, electronic health record system to record their medical data from the bith until now and so on. In terms of premium subscribers, they will have an opportunity to take an online consultation with international experienced doctors for getting the best diagnosises. Their medical test and consultation results done over our platform will be entered to the medical history of the patient, moreover they can track of their family's genetic issues with a family record option offered by us. Premium subscribers will be able to access an invaluable and paid resources from our partners such as The Lancet, The Jama , IEEE and so on and professionals can expertize on medical field with those resoruces.

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